Regardless of the hour or day, we stand ready to address your urgent logistics and supply chain requirements every day of the year, 24/7. Choose us as your essential partner, and allow us to demonstrate the high value we place on your business by offering you peace of mind.


We cover a vast territory in Canada, including Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, offering coast-to-coast delivery capabilities. Our clients trust us to transport a wide range of items, from delicate produce, fresh and frozen meats, ice cream, and pharmaceuticals to various dry goods, including food products and mail.


Our skilled local team, comprising experienced drivers, logistics planners, and dispatch experts, collaborates seamlessly to meet your transportation needs. We prioritize your values of product security, food safety, and environmental sustainability, embedding them into our local operations for effective and conscientious task accomplishment.


Specializing in the highly regulated perishable food sector, adept at navigating the intricacies of food products, regulations, and temperature integrity. Our expertise encompasses dedicated services for both dry and reefer loads, excelling in transporting various temperature-sensitive items such as meat, produce, ice cream, and pharmaceuticals. With over two decades of experience, rely on our team to handle the load with expertise.


We are most renowned for our extensive long-haul services, allowing us to effortlessly travel through Canada-USA border. Our team of drivers, dispatchers, and safety personnel brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the complex cross-border operations, covering compliance, broker coordination, and achieving ACI/ACE success. Our major dedicated clients rely on us to deliver and protect a diverse range of products. Both our historical and present performance records showcase our exceptional proficiency in delivery and execution. These prominent clients, leaders in the industry, entrust our company to ensure the seamless delivery of their supply chain.


We recognize your integrated values encompassing product security, food safety, and the reduction of environmental footprint. Our long-haul operations incorporate these priority areas to ensure the job is accomplished with precision and adherence to the highest standards.


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"IYAN EXPRESS LTD has proven to be an invaluable asset to our supply chain. Their commitment to reliability and excellence is evident in every aspect of their logistics operations. From timely deliveries to meticulous attention to detail, they have consistently exceeded our expectations."

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Your team's professionalism and dedication have truly been the secret sauce behind the success of our events. From the initial planning stages to flawless execution, IYAN EXPRESS has not only met but exceeded our expectations consistently. The smooth transportation of materials, equipment, and displays has been a game-changer, helping us make a lasting impact at diverse venues. We deeply appreciate your commitment to understanding our unique needs and crafting tailored logistics solutions. It's been more than just business; it's been a friendly partnership that has made all the difference.

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"Hello guys I have been working for this company from almost 2yrs. This company is very professional and more over dispatch is very respectful and appreciate your work. I have never missed a load from them or given any off because of no work. Even if work slows down,company try to give me local job so I do not loose the money. Moreover they don't push you that you have to go to work.if u have to take off I was very comfortable to take it. Very respectful, dedicated runs and moreover company treats every driver equally. This is the best part. Pay cheque on time. Never got issue, You get paid every mile you drive. Every single mile."


SAIYEN TRANSPORT , Logistics Company

Working with your team has been a breeze, and we're seriously impressed. The way you guys handle our loads with such efficiency and reliability is next level. Each shipment is like clockwork, and we can always count on you for safe and timely deliveries. What really stands out is the friendly communication and transparency. It's like working with friends who know their stuff. Any hiccups are tackled with a smile and pro-level professionalism.The personalized touch doesn't go unnoticed, and it's exactly what sets IYAN EXPRESS Transport apart.Looking forward to more successful hauls together!